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Ladies Let's Be Real Fellowship is a vision given to Lady Patricia Wideman.   She is a carrier of the gospel and is licensed by the Church of God In Christ as Missionary, a member at the State Tabernacle COGIC, located in Buffalo, New York, under the leadership of Elder Russell C. Bell, Pastor. I am a mentor, advisor, and life coach and he concerned about meeting the needs of wounded and hurting women.  
B.E. R.E.A.L. (Believers Earnestly Reaching Everyone with Authentic Love)
Our Purpose
Inform, Incite, Equip and Empower women with tools to reach their full potential as a mother, sister, and friend.  
Our Vision Statement
Every woman that crosses the path of Ladies Let's Be Real Fellowship will have an unforgettable encounter of encouragement as we reflect the love, compassion, power and grace of God.  We will nurture, repair, and help mend broken relationships, produce and pursue a women that will be a benefit to our society.  We are concerned about the total woman, mind, soul and body.
We want people to see our passion to share genuine love and help.  Yes we are concerned about YOU!!!!!!!!!

Ultimately, we want to provide a "House of Rest."  This facility will operate 7 days a week for women of all ages to serve them through resources, hands on training to better themselves and their families.  Counselors will be on hand to meet the emotional needs.  There will be a center to meet the spiritual needs.  We will provide clothes and shows to prepare women for a new and or better way of living.  Lastly, there will be a 24-hour hot line for individuals in need of help, comfort, prayer, love and direction. 

Worship Opportunities:
State Tabernacle COGIC                       Sunday Services 12 noon
234 Glenwood Avenue                           Tuesday Bible Study 7 p.m.
Buffalo, New York    14208                   Friday Night 8:00 p.m.

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